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Alice Hallows Eventing

September 2023

Hello to all who are friends and clients of Zoe’s, who follow Performance Veterinary Physiotherapy social media page informing us about her important physio therapy work and how she can help us with our horses. I am incredibly lucky to be a sponsored rider of Zoe’s and to have her support with my team of horses at home. 

Firstly, I should probably introduce myself a little more and how long I have been benefiting from Zoe’s help with the horses. 

My family and I run a livery a yard called ‘Hubbards Hall Training and Livery’ and we have a good number of 26 horses to look after alongside a great team of members of staff. Zoe has been the yard’s physio for five years and has gotten to know several of the characters on the yard including the competition horses. 

My chosen discipline of competition is eventing and that is quite simply due to the fact I love the cross country. Don’t get me wrong dressage and show jumping certainly have their place and would happily do either, but the adrenaline of cross country and the sheer challenge of it all makes the hard work and dedication to understanding our horses to the best of our abilities all the more worth while. It is a true fulfilment to have trained your horse from the early years of its career to the higher end of the sport. 

Horsemanship is always at the front of my mind and I know that is the same for Zoe too. More than likely that is a significant reason why we have been working together for a number of years and have accomplished several milestones with individual horses that has not only improved their physical health, but their mental happiness too. Surely, if a horse is able to move their muscles freely and have a knowledgeable emphatic rider, and professional team of people looking after them they can fully achieve their athletic potential in a competition setting, whilst maintaining longevity and a fulfilled life. 

The last paragraph gives you an insight to my philosophy about the horses and I am forever challenging my knowledge and reflecting on experience. For ever wanting to push myself out of my comfort zone, in 2023 so far, I have accomplished my British Eventing UKCC Level 2 coaching certificate, complete independence with acquiring my HGV and learning valuable experience from stepping up to Advance at Aston-Le-Walls this summer with Quizical Z (Quiz). However, there are still a few months left to go and who knows what they have install. 

I would like to finish by thanking Zoe for this opportunity to not only fly the flag for Performance Veterinary Physiotherapy, but the platform to write a blog, and most importantly the care and attention she has given to our horses and I have no doubt it is the same for all her clients too. 

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