The PVP BungeeBand is the ORIGINAL training pad, and was developed by Performance Veterinary Physiotherapy after intense research and development into various training aids. It is incredibly important to encourage the hind leg and lift over the back, without restricting the front end in any way. 

Try this; touch your toes, put your chin on your chest and try to take a big, elevated step forwards. Nearly impossible right? So why do we expect our horses to move through from behind whilst holding onto the front end?

The PVP BungeeBand is designed to be used WITHOUT side reins. This is not to say it must be used without side reins; in some circumstances it may be necessary, and obviously it is also a super training aid to use under saddle. What I am saying is that if you give it a try without side reins, you may be surprised. Horses that tend to lift through their abdominals and engage through their hind legs, naturally drop into a "long and low" outline as this is what they find most comfortable. Horses that usually rely on the riders hands for support (ever ridden a horse that leans on the bit?) can learn how to support themselves by working correctly behind and using the right muscles rather than relying on someone or something to support them.

We are shipping these pads all over the world with nothing but praise to date.

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BungeeBand Pad