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Which BungeeBand Do I Need? 

Which size/type of BungeeBand do I need?


As BungeeBand has grown into an International Brand, I often get requests for pads to suit certain types/sizes of horses. Our range has grown from our original ‘Classic’ pad to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and types over the years. Unfortunately I really can’t add any more to the range, although I continue to offer a custom service so if you have a particular pad you want converted, I can accommodate that too. Here is a quick run-down of what we currently offer, and the type of horses they are suited to;


The Classic BungeeBand System


This is based on a BLACK General Purpose Saddlepad. It is available in three sizes; Pony, Cob and Full. The pad is a quilted, slightly shaped pad with velcro loops at the front and fixed girth loops. It can be used with dressage saddles. The Extra-Full version is based on the Full pad, but with longer bands to accommodate larger horses.


Pony Pad - 19” Along the spine suited to smaller ponies from 11hh - 14hh approx. 

Cob Pad - 21” Along the spine, suited to medium sized ponies/small horses (Icelandic Horses) 

Full Pad - 23” Along the spine, suited to large horses up to around 17hh 

Extra-Full - 23” Along spine, but bands are an extra 1m in length to accommodate larger size. 


We can make pads suitable for miniature or Shetland ponies - please message or email us to discuss.


The Deluxe BungeeBand System

This is based on a genuine Merino Sheepskin lined pad. We can make it in either a dressage or GP version. Unfortunately this pad is one size (Full) and we can only offer Full and Extra-Full options. This pad is ideal for horses that are particularly sensitive to pressure on their spine, especially those who have undergone Kissing Spine surgery and may have scar tissue or nerve damage along the back. 


The Jumping Pad BungeeBand System


This is based on a Jumping shaped pad. The cob version has short D-Ring loops (suitable for Close Contact Saddles) - the full version is available in both close contact (D Ring Loops) or standard (longer girth loops). I would only recommend the jumping pad for finer horses - the cut of the pad is quite short compared to other styles, and therefore on horses with larger rib cages, it can pull the hind-leg strap out of the optimum position. 


Cob Pad - larger ponies/small horses - 13.2hh-15.2hh

Full Pad - horses from 15.2 upwards.


The  Dressage Pad


This is a dressage pad - designed for use with dressage or straight cut saddles. It is a thicker pad than the Classic, with a wick-away lining which helps to absorb sweat and keep your horse comfortable. Currently offered in Full and Cob size. Full is 23" along the spine, and the Cob size is 21" along the spine.


The Extra-High Wither Dressage Pad


This is a very large pad, with exaggerated wither area suitable for those horses with very prominent withers. It is also a very deep pad (24”) which makes it ideal for the biggest horses - Only available in full size currently, and I wouldn’t recommend fitting to smaller horses (under 15hh) as it is a large pad.  


I RECOMMEND THIS PAD FOR ALL COB AND HEAVY-HORSE TYPES - the depth of this pad makes it more suitable for large barrelled horses and puts the bands in a better position for bigger horses. If you have a particularly broad horse (Draught/Cobs) please message us before-hand as we can alter the angle of the clips. 


Custom Options


We Offer the option of sending us a pad to have made into a BungeeBand - it is useful for us if you can get a picture beforehand of your horse wearing this pad (or a similar pad) so we can get the bands in the exact right position for your horse. 


BungeeBand Kits


Our kits come in two sizes - Full and Extra Full (although I think it gives the Pony/Cob/Full/XFull options on the website). I started sending out Full Size bands with all our pads and kits several years ago as I think it is far easier for you to cut bands down to the desired length than to find the bands are too short and have to exchange for a larger size. 


The kits come with the fitting and usage instructions like the pads, but we cannot give detailed information on where to sew these onto your own pads as every pad varies (generic position/angles would be of no use). What we do say is if you send us a picture of your horse wearing the pad you wish to use, we can advise on where to attach your kit to the pad.

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