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I purchased a BungeeBand Pad several Months ago for my 15yo Friesian named Mike. He tends to get a little lazy with his hindend. This has helped so much with this and getting him to be more round and using his back! Thank you for this great product! Heather Norton, Connecticut, USA

Me and my boy absolutely love our bungeeband numnah as it has being such a big help getting him to lift up and power through when we are trying for our medium trot as he used to really struggle to lift up whilst lengthening! It is such a useful tool and I would recommend it to everyone! Paige Waring

Me and my boy love using your bungee band it’s finally getting him to stride out more and stop being so short in his striding... Lauren Beth Haw

I am an existing customer of the Bungee Band & absolutely love it. 
I have been using it regularly on my baby boy Richard who is rising 5 & my advanced horse Cinja to assist with core strength. Jodie Smith.

Hi, I'm just letting you know how useful I have found the PVP bungee band .
I have a young warmblood who has been previously allowed to work on his forehand ,he was unable to sustain canter on either rein and certainly wasn't balanced enough to carry a rider .He has been long reined with the bungee band for a few months until he was balanced enough to canter I have since ridden him in the bungee bands and he is showing some good up hill paces and now has the ability to sustain a balanced canter on both reins .
I found the bungee band easy to use and I am very happy with the results .
An easy training aid to use which is easily transferable from groundwork to ridden work .  Lynne CC

We only received our bungeeband 2 weeks ago but have already seen a marked change in our boy's movement and demeanour.  Solli is undergoing rehab following kissing spine bone surgery and hock arthritis treatment. He had been progressing well, but seemed to be reluctant to engage his hind properly, which in turn was impeding topline development. We decided to trial BungeeBand to encourage his hind activation, as with classic pessoa systems he drops onto his forehand even if the side reins are appropriately loose. 

The morning after I first used the BungeeBand, the yard groom (unaware we had done anything different) messaged to say he had walked to the field much more forwardly than usual, and when I "naked" lunged him in just his bridle the day after that, his movement was much more driven from behind than it had been. It almost looked as if there were invisible poles out, he was picking up his feet and moving so nicely. A week later we did another session, this time with more trot work in the BungeeBand and he was relaxed, happy and confident throughout. He was striding through beautifully, and engaged from tail to neck for the first time in months, offering a long and low position. What impresses us most however is the benefit we see for 2 or 3 days after each session, where he seems to have more confidence in using his hind. It's early days for us, but the proprioception feedback seems to have made a significant improvement to him in terms of movement, confidence and general happiness and we cannot wait to watch the muscle growth that will follow... Lizzi Ashley

Just love this system . We are currently using it for re gab on a polo pony whose us very weak behind and on our young horse.
It is an invaluable system to encourage him to work correctly over his back and it’s really making a difference to both of them .
Whilst we struggled at first to set it up correctly but Zoe went above and beyond to explain it ... Kate Hugh Smith 

This is shimmer being introduced to the new BungeeBand saddle cloth for the first time and taking it all in her stride- she is only 5 and just beginning to build up her strength before I start to ride her using the bungee band - early days but all going well and she is starting to build up her core this has given us something new to practice during the lockdown- we will tighten up the straps the more she gets used to it... Liz Athorn

I endorse your company all the time with horsey friends and tag you too as this is a great system... Debbie Preece

This is Jude, a 16 year old New Forest mare I've had her just over 10 years and we compete at Elementary dressage and up to 80cm show jumping. I bought the BungeeBand about a week ago and am impressed with the results so far my mare gets tight over her back and this makes her engage her hind end, she isnt relaxed enough yet to stretch down but I am expecting this to improve over time...Lorna Maidment

Bling is an eight year old sport horse, I received the devastating news that she had kissing spines in Sept 2019. With no spare money for surgery and no insurance to cover the cost I researched rehabilitation of the condition and purchased the Performance Vet Physio Bungee Band. This simple yet effective training aid is easy to use and has helped me to retrain her abdominal muscles, encouraged her to use her hind legs equally and thus strengthened her core restoring her ability to perform and her competition fitness in just a few months. I would recommend a Performance Vet Physio Bungee Band to anyone who owns or trains horses, this training aid is useful throughout all stages of a horses training in hand or ridden, also in the rehabilitation of many problems, is refreshingly economical to buy and works! Many Thanks... Jo Newton

I love my Bungee Bands , I got these as my horse ‘Foxy’ has always struggled in his hind end whilst jumping and we have always struggled to get a balanced smooth canter as he was weak in his hind , these bands have helped me achieve an established canter which has improved him performance and movement as a whole , I always look forward to improving further and I would love the chance to win these amazing products and embroidered merchandise to promote this amazing brand !!! I wish I found out about them sooner but I cannot wait to make further improvements with him... Holly Balding

Hi there, this is Harlie who is 18 years young! Ive owned him for around 12 years and in those years we’ve had multiple heath problems, he’s diagnosed with PSSM-1 a hereditary condition that we’ve had to learn to get under control and manage with exercise and diet, kissing spine which he underwent surgery for about a year and a half ago and arthritis in his hocks and sacroiliac which we’ve had steroid injections for. In the past year we’ve been using the bungee system and I can honestly say by using it it’s helped bring him back into full ridden work from his surgery. It helps encourage him to use his back end and engage his core which has helped with all his heath issues and made him stronger and fitter. We use the system both on the lunge and under saddle and always get fantastic results. This year we’re working on getting out about about more in the trailer, going to pleasure rides and local shows and just having fun! Emily Moyle



I’m an existing customer of the BungeeBand and it has brought complete structure, both physically and mentally, to Ellie’s and my own life. During these strange times we have implemented a routine based largely around lunging and groundwork, where the BungeeBand is used regularly. She was uncomfortable, unbalanced and not able to work from behind and up & over her back. However, since we have used the BungeeBand, even though within this time Ellie has had nasty leg injuries (which Zoe was absolutely amazing in providing aftercare/treatment for), our groundwork and lunging is so strong and balanced. This has given us both so much confidence and I don’t think Ellie would be performing as well as she is today without this amazing piece of kit. With our goal of working back up to Novice/Elementary level dressage, and maybe beyond, the BungeeBand has sent us well on our way - to this and to a strong ridden partnership & happiness again! Daisy Cullen 


Have been using the bungee bands for a few weeks now and have seen a marked improvement in my 14 year old mare. 

She is now using her hind quarters more and her step has lengthened very pleased and would highly recommend. Julie Finnegan



Tried it out on my 26 year old QH mare today. This was just a test run so the bands were pretty loose. I do think I got a better trot from her than I normally get on the longe. Will be using it to rehab my young horse who had an inflamed tendon in her back. Anita Kennedy, USA

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