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Performance Veterinary Physiotherapy can put together a detailed rehabilitation plan for your horse - whether it is post surgery/injury or a general plan for bringing back into work after time off.


Our plans are based on your individual horse or pony, and run for a period of approximately 6 months rehabilitation. You will get a stage  by stage programme, including exercises (in-hand and ridden) as well as stretches and basic massage/electrotherapy options for the owner to utilise. 


On purchasing your plan, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out, which will give us the basics we need to formulate your individual plan - if we require any additional information, we will be in touch. 


Your plan will be sent to you in hard-copy; a laminated, bound booklet that you can keep at the yard or where you find you need to use it most. 

Bespoke Rehabilitation Plan

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