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The PVP BungeeBand Saddlepad is a training aid that can be used either on the lunge or under saddle. The BungeeBand comes with two high-resistance latex free rubber bands that can be used independently of each other or together. It is fully adjustable so you can increase the tension as you feel necessary. All BungeeBand saddlepads come with a cotton storage bag for the pad, and a smaller storage bag for the bands. A fantastic aid to get your horse engaging their hindquarters and stepping through, whilst simultaneously lifting through their abdominals. The Classic is based on a GP pad and is BLACK in colour. Please note; we use a range of pads to ensure price is kept as low as possible; they may vary from pictures. Size Guide: Pony - 19" along spine (15-16" Saddle) Cob - 21" along spine (16.5-17" Saddle) Full - 23" along spine (17.5" Saddle+) (Please see picture for where we measure pads)All of the above sizes are sent out with generous FULL SIZE bands which can be cut down to size if too much excess. X-Full - same pad as full size, but both abdominal and hind-leg band are longer. This is really only required for Heavy Horse breeds/Show Cobs and large barrelled horses - please message us if you have a draught/cob type horse as we may need to adjust the angle of the clips. Please note; we recommend dressage or HW pads for broad horses as they are deeper.

BungeeBand Classic - Complete System

  • Used items cannot be returned. Unused items can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Refunds will be made within 21 days of receipt of item, less 30% restocking charge. Damaged or missing parts will be chargeable.

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