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An informative E-Book with a range of stretch exercises you can do with your own horse. 


A series of step-by-step instructions, with visual prompts, to guide you through;

- assisted stretching

- baited stretching

- panniculus reflexes

- tail pull exercises


In addition to a description of the exercise and a guide of how to perform each one, we also list the muscles you are working with, and how this can help your horse's overall performance. 


These tie in perfectly with our rehab-plans, giving you an easy go-to guide to demonstrate how you can implement the stretches used.


Also ideal for clients who have regular physiotherapy sessions with an equine professional, and may be given 'homework' to do between appointments, helping to improve and maintain mobility and range of motion. 

How To Stretch Your Horse - E-Book

£25.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
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